Cold generating electricity
Renewable energy for cold

Target groups

Other (To the people living in the northern hemisphere)


We know that there are different energy sources from sun and warmth: photovoltaic and geothermic system. In the northern hemisphere the cold affects not only the people but also on the energy consumption during winter.


Potential energy can be completely transformed into kinetic energy because the potential energy is same as the kinetic energy. Can we convert the energy from cold to electricity? How can we use cold to generate electricity?


Cold generating electricity by piezoelectric nanogenerator.

What makes your solution unique?

Cold generating electricity by piezoelectric nanogenerator with highly sensitive material. The energy will be released by every fluctuation in temperature and converted into electricity.

How it works: Step 1

The piezo elements generate electricity by the force of the cold with highly sensitive material.

How it works: Step 2

The piezoelectric system will be built on the roof. There is also a hybrid solution with solar module for summer and piezoelectric module for winter

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