Nuclear Fusion
I love thinking of new ways to generate energy in our modern world. My proposal is nuclear fusion.

Target groups

Other (all the people in the world)


The planet needs a new way of providing energy to the people and there is a brilliant solution that is in the testing phase right now. This solution comes from amazing scientists and designers who work together for a better future.


I want all the people in the world to be able to enjoy the benefits of nuclear fusion energy. Young or old, everyone will understand my simple concept for providing the world with unlimited energy using the nuclear fusion process.


My solution to the Innogy task for new ways of electricity distribution and energy generation is very simple. In the close future, there will be safe nuclear plants that will generate nuclear fusion energy, a movement that has already begun. I would like to highlight some of the benefits of nuclear fusion energy: it is very safe, there is no waste and it is unlimited. My proposal is to create small, flying "energy pills" where fusion reactions happen forever to produce heat for electricity.

What makes your solution unique?

Nuclear energy plants will charge the small "energy pills" with the first fusion reaction and then, there will be an unlimited number of fusion reactions happening. This means that once you buy the "energy pill", you will have unlimited energy that will charge all your devices forever.

How it works: Step 1

Small "energy pills" will be charged once in nuclear energy plants and they will run forever.

How it works: Step 2

The small "energy pills" will charge all the objects in your house that need electricity in order to function. Once you run out of battery, you can bring the flying "energy pill" over the device and recharge it in one minute. All the process is wireless, no need for a cord.

How it works: Step 3

The "energy pill" will recharge your light pendant very fast so that you can keep being creative and write your Nobel Prize book :)

Describe how your solution works step by step:

  1. Nuclear energy plants charge the small, flying "energy pills" once by creating one fusion reaction and then, they distribute the products to shops all around the world;
  2. The "energy pills" run forever, the fusion reaction process is generated all the time inside the small capsule;
  3. You only need to buy one "energy pill", it charges all the objects in your house: phone, laptop, stove, fridge etc. All your objects that need electricity to run have a "green", rechargeable battery that lasts forever, you don't have to replace it;
  4. Let's say that your lamp battery has died. You can control the "energy pill" and place it over the object. By using wireless electricity transfer, the "energy pill" charges the battery of the lamp in only one minute. The battery will last for almost a week with this one minute charge. Then, you repeat the process;
  5. The "energy pill" comes with a dock station where it rests whenever you don't use it.

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