The energy grid - UPDATED
The energy grid

Target groups

Other (All age.)


The target group are all people since this project will be used on all households, individuals and businesses. Since the Energy grid will be for everyone at any point.


The energy grid will be positioned inside the city but also outside of the City. It'll have the energy stations / emitters which will emit the energy all around.


Earth will be one connected grid. The energy will travel wirelessly, like the cell signal today or WiFi, from the place of production throughout all emitters / repeaters into the grid all over the world. The emitters / repeaters will receive the energy and be able to give it further to whoever it needs. The energy stations will emit the energy to all houses, cars, businesses and to the pedestrians, vehicles which will pass near.

What makes your solution unique?

The Energy will be distributed like today mobile phone signal or WiFi. Which will be clean, fast and with less cost.