Biomagnetic flow
Distribution of bioenergy through magnetic fields

Target groups

Other (All electric power users around the globe)


In a modernized world with an increasingly high energy demand, science visionars and sci-fi artists has developed a large number of environmentally friendly technologies for energy generation and storage, that would allow us the sustainable development of our societies. Our purpose here is to give form to a highly organized city with wireless distribution of these renewable energies, incorporating vanguard technology like a Witricity but in a giant dimension with advanced biotechnology.


By integrating science and sci-fi we can imagine advanced cities where all renewable energies can be captured and magnetically distributed for everyone's access. Highly organized cities that defy universal entropy.


The city we conceive here has been designed inspired by the forms of living cells. A "garden city" with urban planning developed based on a total use of renewable energies with intelligent biotechnology and its wireless distribution through the magnetic field.

What makes your solution unique?

Solar energy reception systems that emulate the biological forms through nanotechnology and auxiliary systems for the capture of other renewable energies, adapted to environmental changes. In addition, our city has wireless distribution through the creation of a large-scale magnetic wave network.

How it works: Step 1

The Nucleus interacts with the mitochondrias that emit the energy generated by giant cybercloroplastos, receptors and transformers of solar energy. This North/South interaction create a huge Magnetic Dipoles network that distribute the electricity wirelessly.

How it works: Step 2

The energy is received by any device that has a micro chip (or micro coil) receiver, coupled to the frequencies of the large magnetic field.

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