Lightning grid - IMPROVED
Taking the electricity from Lightning

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Everyone can poses the collector to collect electricity from the lightning.


It is possible to harvest this kind of energy with collectors and accumulators for storing the electricity.


The Collectors are installed on the house, buildings even cars and bikes for collecting the electricity from the lightning. The problem that lightning is not all the time present can be resolved by sending the small probes into the atmosphere which will made the initiative in the cloud to make the electricity / lightning. So, every house can send the probe to initialise lightning in the clouds that will collectors then harvest the electricity.

What makes your solution unique?

This photo represents the probes sent to the sky to harvest the electricity. This solution is unique because the electricity is harvest from the nature and with right technology it can be harvest and controlled.

How it works: Step 1

When the sky is clear the city or individuals will send the probes to initiate the lightnings at high altitude and harvest the electricity. Today there are chemicals which could be drop into the clouds and initiate bad weather, lightning etc. This is my idea but with cleaner approach with probes.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

  • Every house, building, car will have collectors and accumulators installed which will attract and harvest the electricity from the lightning. Distribution inside the house could be in many different ways.
  • When the weather is without lightning, consumers can use the accumulated electricity.
  • If the weather is long period without lightning, every house, building or part of the city can send the probes in the atmosphere to trigger the lightning, harvest the electricity and send it to the collectors and accumulators on the houses, building.
  • Vehicles can also charge this way.