High Altitude Utility Laser Transmitter

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Stratosphere is an area that has potential for making international energy delivery grid system which could accommodate very low-cost efficient transportation method like weather balloon. Balloons could go effortlessly up to 80km with the help of buoyancy for zero carbon emission. An inside this transparent balloon could be developed as concave and convex surfaces being taken advantage of.


H.A.U.L.T. (high altitude utility laser transmitter) is a method of harvesting and distributing equal energy through high altitude balloon power plant grid system. Using laser technology and helix plasma, the harvested solar energy could easily transfered to anywhere on the established grid depends on the regional demand using big data.


Each balloon made of EFTE with special pv elements and coating that could either block the sun or deliver stable throughput solar power to ground control. The system could also used to manipulate regional weather to the people desire. This way, the unlimited solar power could be consumed to whomever need it the most.

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The schematics of H.A.U.L.T.

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The grid system

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