"Aqua-Fi" is a perfect way of using water-creatures for energy while its perfect fit for the room.

Target groups

Other (All humans on the planet Earth.)


Using potential energy from sea-creatures, without hurting anyone in the process, can be a useful solution for the future world while it look pleasing aesthetically.


Everyone that will use this "aqua-generator" wouldn't even notice it as a energy supply. It will be more dominant in a aesthetic way, while its much more then a aquarium.


Using sea-creatures that give energy can create a powerful electromagnetic field, which then through magnets can provide wireless energy, powering any devices in household. Jellyfish, as example, with its huge color spectrum and brightness would be a beautiful provider in this "aqua-tank". Because its compatible and can be stored in any room of the house, the idea would be perfect for the future world.

What makes your solution unique?

Jellyfish is the most dominant sea creature because of its colors and brightness, while it gives a powerful source of energy. Using them in a "aqua-tank" would give beautiful light for the room, and energy for the house.

How it works: Step 1

While the jellyfishes swim and live in this "aqua-tank" they would provide us with the energy we need. They would create a electro-magnetic field, which would interact with the magnets outside the "tank".

How it works: Step 2

Magnets on the outside of the "tank" would provide us with wireless energy, which would connect with the household items and magnets that are attached to them.

How it works: Step 3

Everything that's happening with the electricity and jellyfishes is controlled with a LCD display on the top of the "aqua-generator". It would show everything you need, from the pressure of the water to the health of jellyfishes.