Magnetic Living Space
Magnetic Living Space is creating and transmitting energy within households, using magnetic fields.

Target groups

Other (all people)


People are in need of innovative and convenient energy production and transmission within their households for all electrical devices they are using, from kitchen appliances to cellphones and laptops.


People want and need an efficient, cheap and simple product (electricity). No wires, no paying bills and not having to think about electricity and energy overall.


Magnetic Living Space (MLS) is functioning as a magnetic field between the North and South pole of multiple magnets placed in the ceilings and floors of apartments, houses or any other living spaces. Living space becomes magnetic field and the magnetic energy from this field is attracted and stored in devices installed on all home appliances or separate devices as charging stations. It is a solution for a simple lifestyle without any hustle that comes with electricity (wires, bills, cost...)

What makes your solution unique?

Magnetic field used as energy powering all home appliances and charging all chargeable devices without using wires and without all the hustle coming with electricity as we know it today is what makes our solution unique. Magnetic field is finally used to it's greatest potentials.

How it works: Step 1

Applying small sized magnets in ceilings and floors in a tile pattern, parallel with each others. In case of an older building, magnet areas would be applied to existing floors and ceilings. North and South poles of magnets would be placed so that they attract each others and create magnetic field.

How it works: Step 2

All home appliances requiring electrical energy would have device attached to them. Those devices would attract and store energy created withing the magnetic field. In case of a chargeable devices such as cellphones and laptops a charging station is available working in a same manner.

How it works: Step 3

Devices on the appliances and charging stations would have the ability to attract all the energy created, and the living space would be harmless as there is no leftover energy in the air.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

Summary of how our idea works:

  1. APPLYING MAGNETS in ceilings and floors parallel with each others. S and N pole placed so that they attract each others and create magnetic field.
  2. APPLYING DEVICES to all home appliances and placing charging stations.
  3. Magnetic Energy created within magnetic field is attracted, stored and used by device placed on all home appliances and portable devices.

The Magnetic field will be harmless for people living within the magnetic living space.

THE AMOUNT OF ENERGY CREATED EQUALS THE AMOUNT OF ENERGY USED. There will be no leftover energy in the air as the devices will soak it in within their batteries and use it as electrical energy for appliances and for charging portable devices. Hence, the Magnetic Living Space is completely harmless.