Movement, lighting generator
A future where our 24 h movement generates unlimited energy.

Target groups

Other (male and female, 25-55, earth community and people, engineering industry and architecture or lighting industry)


I think it is time to understand that there is life after dark. Although today cities tend to be active 24/7, planners continue to apply their work only in daylight, thus neglecting the potential nocturnal environment. The urban lighting not only represents a perceptible physical factor, but a discernible factor to a cognitive level, creating moods and feelings, reflections and memories.


The future city will be marked by a profound transformation of the urban environment, where the human factor is a complex actor using multiple services and functions in an evolving and interacting system, influencing each other. Using a general plan during the night, allows us to manipulate the gained information. It gives us a stability-a framework to a sustainable development,adaptability-in case of changes,integration-every aspect being part of a whole and growth-the evolution of existent.


With the help of a smart pavement, our movement becomes a source of energy. By car, by foot or by bike everything that creates movement can be transformed and stored in big batteries under the ground. With the help of the wireless technology the energy is transmitted to the electrical panels incorporated in the lighting objects, which will create a smart and dimmed lighting considering the density of people in a certain public space.

What makes your solution unique?

The use of our on movement along the city can be an unlimited source of energy and even if this strategy works also for cars, encourages the walking by foot and by bike.

How it works: Step 1

After analyzing the streets, the public spaces and the density/intensity of people in a city, we can reduce a city to 4 moods: functional, convivial, discreet and dynamic. According to this, the motion pavement will generate the intensity of lighting in the city.

How it works: Step 2

With the use of smart pavement(motion sensors and intensity detector), with the use of LED technology and wireless transmission, but also combined with the solar power for the blinker mounted led(pedestrian crossing and bike paths) we can generate a holistic approach for our future cities.

How it works: Step 3

An aerial perspective with the game of smart lighting.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

  1. Smart pavement with motion and intensity sensors;
  2. Our movement( steps, biking and driving) generates energy on the pavement;
  3. Energy is stored in big underground batteries;
  4. The need to install smart led public lighting with wireless control panels wireless dimming power;
  5. Through wireless technology the energy stored in the batteries is transmitted to the wireless control panel of the lighting source.
  6. By tracking the motion and the intensity of the movement sensors the dimming of lighting is made through the wireless contact.
  7. Our cities can never remain without the lighting power, because as we currently know, we will still have a long movement life on earth.
  8. It can also work for private properties if anyone will have an external battery to store the energy from the inside movement.