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The general public has a profound need of tapping into the world of free energy. The general public has suffered enough from the way energy supply work. It is time for a change.


Generally speaking we are living in the past and we need to start looking into the future. Right now we are using methods of generating, distributing and using energy that are not sustainable, nor enable unfolding of individual's potential. People are using most of their lives trying to find a way into the supply and demand chain of energy. It is time for a change.


By using stand-alone Overunity generators for each home, building or community.

*Overunity (or over-unity) device is one that produces more energy, than it takes to run. Ultimately creating free energy.

With today's technology we can embed Overunity micro devices in every battery. By creating those Overunity hybrid-batteries we will end up having self-charging batteries. So this makes any kind of wired or wireless charging obsolete. Unlike wireless charging Overunity is truly off the grid.

What makes your solution unique?

A happy home is one that exists without external source of energy.

By enabling on-demand power by stand-alone Overunity devices we can truly call our home green.

Overunity also: - eliminates the need of a power grid. - is safe (no high-power wireless radiation). - works with your current setup.

How it works: Step 1

An Overunity generator works by generating more power than it consumes. One such device was invented by prof. Stefan Marinov (1931 – 1997), he called it Swiss M-L converter , Thesta-Distatica, which later got the name Thestatika and is located in the Methernitha community (Switzerland).

How it works: Step 2

Off-the grid. This solution can replace existing macro-grid high-voltage transforming stations and generate on-demand power, eliminating the need of delivering and transforming high-voltage electricity, while keeping the existing micro-grid for local use and deliver energy to homes and appliances.

How it works: Step 3

Furthermore by minifying the technology using latest microelectronics tech. we can achieve miniature battery embeddable modules that would continuously recharge the batteries, resulting in an auto-recharging generator/battery hybrid. This technology can help power autonomous devices as well.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

If we can provide "Overunity" power generators to each home/building/community we will ultimately solve the power distribution issue.

So instead of trying to generate and then sell energy to people, companies should focus on producing and selling stand-alone "overunity" power generators.

Generally speaking we do not need to invent the wheel here as it has already been invented. One good example is Swiss community Mathernitha and their Testatika machine which has been running well long over 50 years now and still producing free energy for the community.

One of the biggest issues here is not how to go Overunity but how are going to initiate the turn of the global conspiracy. We all know that economy goes around the petro-dollar now, and since times are shifting this will soon change too. As soon as the world is ready to embrace free energy we will be able to enjoy life like never before.

This will solve everything.

We might actually start living in peace on Earth.

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