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Access to electricity is necessary for normal life of people in today's era of technology and digital world and it is opportunity for all interested in it to improve themselves and world with new breaks in this field.


World is in need for new ways of producing and distributing electricity that is cheaper, more accessible as well as safe for our environment, however it needs to keep up with consumers enormous demand, too.


Solar Ozone is idea that will protect the world's environment and produce electricity. Solution is Solar panels outside of Earth's atmosphere that would absorb ultraviolet rays coming from our Sun. Ultraviolet rays are damaging our environment, what is more, it is well known that our ozone layer has holes and is not able to deflect rays in some areas. Creating Solar Ozone will give us opportunity to protect our environment as well as produce great amount of energy.

What makes your solution unique?

Solar Ozone will protect our environment as well as produce electricity by positioning solar panels with large surfaces just outside of Earth's atmosphere. They would collect electricity which will then be distributed to Earth.

How it works: Step 1

Solar panels would be placed outside of Earths atmosphere or in the upper layer of the thermosphere, where they would take only ultraviolet rays coming from the sun and produce it into energy.

How it works: Step 3

Energy would be transported to the Earth through layers of devices and generators.

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