Wireless Atmosphere
Power generated from molecular movement in the air through nano-technology, shared wirelessly.

Target groups

Other (Everyone.)


Dependance on plugs and cables is a pain for everyone.


Everyone uses electricity and everyone depends on it in some way. If we distribute it wirelessly it gets rid of plugs and cables alltogether.


Power is generated by using molecular movement through nano-technology. Power production has never been tried on such a small scale. But imagine having trillions of micro-wind turbines that harness the movement of air molecules.

Wireless electricity is nothing new, but this is on a bigger scale (think Nikola Tesla). You store access to power in your phone and you use it only when you need it and control it through your device.

What makes your solution unique?

Firstly we see a tower generating energy from air and distributing it wirelessly over a city. Secondly we see a user harnessing the wireless electricity through their phone and using it to power all devices in range. Thirdly we see the goal of a greener future.

How it works: Step 1

The tower gathers energy through nano-turbines in the air surrounding it. The energy is harvested and transmitted wirelessly through the city.

How it works: Step 2

The power is accessed through your phone and it transmits electricity to all devices in range when needed. You can switch them on/off, set default state (like fridges, heating...) and control them.

Think of it like Wi-fi, but with power. You have your access code and you're connected to devices.