Energy Absorbing Windows
Energy Absorbing Windows is an idea of windows sensitive on weather conditions, generating energy.

Target groups

Other (all people)


People are striving for new ways of production and use of electrical energy and are more and more turning to renewable energy sources.


Renewable energy is trending right now, but unfortunately it is not yet developed to the levels of worldwide use. People are going to continue working and developing ideas regarding renewable energy, so I can conclude that there is a lot of improvements and innovations waiting for us in the future.


My solution is Energy Absorbing Windows (EAW). Those windows would be sensitive to all weather conditions, not only on sun like solar panels or wind turbines are... It is an updated and perfected versions of those previously mentioned. This Idea stands out because it is all we need, to use all climate conditions for our own benefits without having huge installations all over the earth and then transferring them with wires. Why not having a more compact solution that works better?

What makes your solution unique?

My solution is unique because there is no an ultimate way of collecting all naturally caused energy, and that is exactly what I am proposing. In this image you can see chart explaining how my idea is capable of working, absorption, technical feasibility and the transmission.

How it works: Step 1

Installing a windows with nanotechnology embedded within the glass part. It is not going to be visible in the windows and your view is going to be uninterrupted, image is of a representational nature.

How it works: Step 2

Nano-technological wire-frame and grid within the window would be heat and touch sensitive meaning it would be sensitive to sun rays, wind and even rain (depending on a window placement). After energy absorption the aquired energy would be transferred by nano-technological wires to a power battery.

How it works: Step 3

Energy from battery would be transferred and devised to home appliances with the cards visible on the power battery. Each card would have it's assigned twin card within the device it is powering. The cards would be encoded so that they match each other as energy is transmitted wirelessly.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

  1. Installation of windows with nano-technological wire-frame.
  2. Solar, Wind and Rain energy absorption by nano-technological wire-frames within windows.
  3. Energy transmission and storage within power battery.
  4. Encoding and Assigning cards/chips within battery and devices (stove, refrigerator, laptop, cellphone...) which creates twin cards- one being in the battery and the other within device it is powering.
  5. Wireless energy transmission within twin cards with the use of special codes the pairs have among them. Wireless energy transmission is set up by signals sent from card in battery to card in device with same code.

ADDITIONALLY: same technology can be applied on various objects, virtually anything with access to natural resources previously mentioned, e.g. CARS could have the nano-technological wireframe within the windshield or all the windows which could be used to generate energy for the car itself, and the need for fuel is eliminated.