Electric Water
Why should you consume energy drinks, when you can fuel your self with water !

Target groups

Other (Humans)


Energy drinks are a boring way to start your day, and they are only for your personal use. Why not start drinking water that is actually infused with electricity?


World will change in 100 years, and everything will be scientific. People will have microchips inside them, which would act as a power supply . You live because of water and you consume it daily, but to fuel the chip inside of you, you will need to drink electrical water produced by eels.


The aquarium that we made would be a representation of farming electric resources from eels. Water would be infused with electricity and people would drink it daily without them getting harmed (technology developed). It would fuel the microchip inside the body which would act as a power supply, and wirelessly you could transfer energy to other objects.

What makes your solution unique?

Using eeals to produce electrical water would be a new way of producing energy. People would then drink the filtered electrical water, produced by them.

How it works: Step 1

Drinking the electrical water would cause this microchip to power up, and actually charge up with energy. Wirelessly, people could transform energy via this chip to household items.