Signals of Enegy
Main idea is to make enegy from signals and to give enegy by the signals.

Target groups

Other (Everybody)


Using Signals to make enegy is more useful for our life because we don't need any kind of cable. It can be useful for our future life.


In our life, "signals of energy" will be useful for our life because it is on cloud and it gives enegy from there by the signals so nobody will use the cable.


Using the "Signal of Enegy" is that gives enegy by the signals so it makes our life easier. "Signals of Enegy" takes signals what we use in the world such as phone, leptop, computer, Wi-Fi, actually electronic gadgets, then Signal of Enegy makes signals to energy. "Signals of Energy" gives the energy by the signals so it makes our life much easier. You can connect your phone, leptop, computer, other technological gadgets to this machine than you can charge your phone.

What makes your solution unique?

As we know that people use electronic gadgets every minute. Elctronic gadgets make signals every second. So we can make energy of them then we can use that enegy by the signals . So useful for our future life.

How it works: Step 1

That takes signals from the air then it makes the enegy inside of it. Also inside of the machine it has batteries so it can store up the enegy. Then it distributes the enegy to people.

How it works: Step 3

"Signal of Enegy" will be so good for the future. People can use electronic gadgets without any cables.