Nerve cell-Power cell
Small flat batteries placed on headgear to absorb, accumulate, store and emit energy

Target groups

Other (people who enjoy wearing hats, headbands, caps and other types of headgear)


Human neurons produce small amounts of electricity, especially during the times of higher brain activity.


Accumulating this energy to power our mobile devices could represent a great way to utilize the electricity nerve cells produce.


We figured out a noninvasive way to collect this energy into batteries that could be used on a daily basis. The batteries are in the form of small, flat rectangles made of cellulose and high capacity absorbent material, covering the inside/bottom part of the headgear thus making them invisible. Proximity to the brain cells makes this solution perfect way to accumulate energy our body naturally produces at all times.

What makes your solution unique?

Batteries are small in size which makes them adjustable for all kinds of headgear, from hair clips to scarves. Series of batteries are connected in a net that is covered by soft fabric which makes it comfortable for the person wearing it.

How it works: Step 1

When headgear is on person's head, the proximity of the nerve cells enables transfer of the energy directly into the batteries' storage units.

How it works: Step 3

After there is enough energy accumulated in the battery net, mobile devices can be charged using the wireless transfer of electrical energy. It is enough for a phone to be kept in purse or pocket for it to charge. As long as your brain works, you will never run out of battery.

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