A golden cup
Artsy cup, lets replace the old bins.

Target groups

Other (Everyone)


You all remember stories about a "golden cup" under the rainbow. Using metaphors of "golden cups" (which is not gold) for bins can be more valuable than a real golden cup. The idea of using the shape of historical Chinese vases as a new bins can help us a lot, in a way to change the look of our cities, using waste and saving the earth.


Taking back from history, Chinese vases can become an important part of our lives. Besides that, that they look magnificent they will save our planet. All of us would like to have one in our home or to see them everywhere around us. By throwing garbage in them our city or home will bright like a golden cup under the rainbow.


A golden cup that you have in your home/city, by throwing garbage in it will produce enough energy to bright your room/street, charge phone, laptop, street lamp, desk lamp in both ways, wirelessly or via cable. A golden cup is supposed to combust any kind of waste with a really small amount of the remaining ash after the process of combustion. Besides that, golden cups will use as less as possible energy to work (even though they will produce it for themselves).

What makes your solution unique?

Taking something important from the past and putting it in daily life and having benefited from it is unique enough. A golden cups will be protected from radiation, so people around will be safe. We will save our environment and produce energy as well. Waste is something that will always exist.

How it works: Step 1

Organic type or recyclable type of waste can be thrown into this kind of bin and it will, by its mechanism mill and burn it and that will produce wireless and via cable energy. If it is outside it will by burning waste and taking electricity from it, through cables send energy to street lamps.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

  1. Throw garbage into this bin, "golden cup"
  2. There is a process of burning it inside of the bin that works with special kind of mechanism, not existing yet.
  3. Electricity from waste is going via cable or wirelessly to home appliances or street lamps.
  4. You clean it once a month.