Save Power
Save Power is a shoe that is making energy while you are walking.

Target groups

Other (Everybody)


By walking you are making your own energy then you can use it.


You don't need powerbanks to charge your phone other devices. You can charge your devices with "Save Power".


Solution is to don't lose our kinetic energy, we can change the kinetic enegy to electric energy. So we can use our own energy.

What makes your solution unique?

You don't need to carry the powerbanks because you can charge your shoe to make energy from your kinetic energy. While you are walking, shoe has batteries. there is also usb port so you can use it whenever you like.

How it works: Step 1

As you see there "Save Power" has 2 batteries, one USB Port, and power button. When you make your shoes full of batteries by walking, you can use that electricity. You don't need powerbank you don't need anything about the electricity because you will use your own energy.

How it works: Step 2

you are making your own enegy so you will not need to find any plugs to plug in. When you don't have charge, you can make your enegy to charge your device. While you are walking, you can charge!

How it works: Step 3

As we know that everday people walk and they use the shoes . When we walk anytime, every steps will be energy for us. For the future it can be useful.

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