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Looking at the society today and it needs as well as demands it is easy to draw conclusion that we are consuming more electricity and that we will be in need for even more in the future as more of our inventions become even more dependant on the electricity.


In order to respond to the growing demand for the electricity in the best way, we should look for the sources that are renewable and not harmful to our environment but on the other hand easy to get to and use.


Our idea is to use mainly solar power which will be provided by small affordable lamps exposed to Sun. Those lamps would produce electricity and spread it wirelessly to the nearby devices. Those lamps would be used as public lightning as well. Finally, in the theme of futuristic and wireless we decided to make our lamp floating in the air by pushing the air collected in itself.

What makes your solution unique?

Our design is combination of lamp and device which will produce and transmit electrical energy.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

The lamp designed is composed of two main parts. First is small solar panels that will be able to absorb and produce electricity, second of round lamp part that will produce light and push air down in order to remain in floating. Third part, or small triangle that can be seen bellow the main part of lamp is transmitter that sends electrical energy via waves to the devices connected to it, however it devises do not have to be manually connected to lamp, as mentioned previously it can transmit electrical energy to all nearby devices.

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