Green showers
System of public showers for homeless people

Target groups

Other (Anyone without an access to bathroom )


Homeless people usually don't have an access to bathrooms which makes their life on the street even harder. At the same time, public toilets produce huge amounts of waste that pollutes the environment.


Homeless people deserve to have better conditions of life and access to clean water is a crucial element to help them lead better lives. Body waste from the public toilets could be used for producing electrical energy.


Idea is to create a system of public bathrooms where the waste from the toilets would be used to produce electrical energy that would then heat the water for the showers.

What makes your solution unique?

This solution treats two problems at once. As it helps build the world with more 'green' energy it also has a strong social component that treats a vulnerable group of people, helping them stay healthy and potentially enabling them get better prospects in life.

How it works: Step 1

Toilets are connected to the excrement storage unit (yellowish) from where a pipe transfers waste to energy production unit (purple) from where energy enters the (orange) pipes connecting it to the water heating unit (on the next slide) .

How it works: Step 2

Energy is received through the (orange) pipes that lead it to the unit for water heating and storage. From this point, water is at the users' disposal at any time.

How it works: Step 3

Consumption of water is controlled by the push-type water tap with automatic closing functions.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

  1. Citizens use the public toilet just like they would any other.
  2. Waste from the toilet is moved to energy production tank where its processed and turned into electrical energy.
  3. The energy is transmitted to the water heating tank.
  4. The energy heats the water that is being used for the showers.
  5. The showers have an automatic closing function which helps save the water.