Energy bracelet
easy to use,lightly to carry

Target groups

Other (costum (everybody))


this type of energy is simple to use and contemporary at the same time


electromagnetic radiation is something that people dont use that much


my solution this bracelet has something that is the same what we use everyday but different. Solution is that we dont need to carry charger. Bracelet do that for us. the idea is that the bracelet collect the magnetic radiation and turn them to energy

What makes your solution unique?

The energy bracelet is something that is the ordernery item that we use. But you dont have to carry powerbanks. You just need ordinary bracelet that produce energy

Describe how your solution works step by step:

The bracelet works on energeticmagnetic radiation. The bracelet will start working when we start moving. she collects them and turns into the energy. Whitch we can use to charge our divices. If it is energeticmagnetic radiation is bigger the energy is bigger.