The watch that works on humans movement, it follows every step and body temperature as it changes.

Target groups

Other (Female and male, all ages)


People moves daily and warms and cools the temperature of their body. As we have already known that heat science is a branch of physics that studies heat and mechanical change between the system and the environment and other legitimacy of transformation and energy transfer it is called thermodynamics. If we could use the heat of our body progressed by movement and used it as source of energy it would be great attainment.


Body temperature would charge xWatch and its sensors which sends signals to every nearby device and produce electronic connection. The sensors implanted in xWatch would track our steps, body temperature, energy and nearby electricity.


The point of xWatches is that we are just doing every day activities, but by that we are actually producing energy around us. The Watch load its energy sensors by movement and body heat, eventually these sensors sends signals to electronic devices and electricity around us. xWatch would be such a electronic transformation that would make such a benefit to energy system. Imagine always having full mobile phone battery and if every electronic device would turn on as we come near it.

What makes your solution unique?

The watch is everyday addition and it comes in different designs, thats what makes it so practical.

How it works: Step 1

The red circle in middle regulates body heat and steps. Then it sends signals to red lines at the end of the watch. The lines are actually the main sensors which sends signal to electronic devices.