Technology & Aesthetics
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The future will give us new technologies and creations, but it won't provide us aesthetics beauty. What if we were able to improve technologically and adorn our environment?


We can improve both technologically and adorn our environment by building sculptures that will provide us both our technological needs and increase the quality of our environment.


The solution is to build sculptures that would provide us energy and please us aesthetically. Each sculpture would cover it's own area and provide energy within it's area with sensors. They would use moisture to produce energy and they can be built anywhere.

What makes your solution unique?

We as designers should think about aesthetics. It's our duty to prevent having yet another metal box lying around that will waste our environment. With sculptures, we can prevent that from happening. Also, moisture is everywhere and it is available 24/7.

How it works: Step 1

Beneath sculptures would be nano-tubes which will accumulate water from the moisture in the air. This water then is being collected through tubes down to the bottom and will go through nano vortexes which will with the energy of gravity and water generate a physical power to move nano-turbines.

How it works: Step 2

Nano-turbines will create electricity which will be provided by sensors to the buildings within it's area.

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