Asteroid Rings
Cosmic superstructures transform the kinetic energy of the asteroid belts into electricity

Target groups

Other (Humankind)


People massively consume energy. As technology advances the future of electric power generation lies in exploiting all the resources the universe has to offer, this means expanding our horizons beyond our little blue dot.


In order to sustain our future energy consumption we must look at powerful electric energy sources in the outer space, and we have a lot to gaze upon.


The asteroid belt is but one of these sources, as its motion can transform kinetic energy into electric energy that's transmitted directly to our appliances, gadgets, cars and probably flying vehicles via wireless charging.

What makes your solution unique?

As asteroids travel in high speed they create a wave force (kinetic energy) that is captured within the ring structures and is subsequently transformed into electric energy. While in space, solar energy is also captured by the exterior mesh of the ring structure and also transformed into electricity

How it works: Step 1

Step1: • KINETIC - Asteroid enters through ring structure. Travelling at an immensely high speed it leaves a wave of kinetic force. •SOLAR - The ring mesh captures solar energy. Step 2: Main core transforms kinetic and solar energy into electricity. Step 3: Wireless transmission to Earth.