The incorporation of Intelligent Power Lines into roads

Target groups

Other (All people using electrical consumers.)


The world is moving towards digitization where the need for electricity is growing.


Energy trends are related to green energy production and its efficient and easy distribution for the population.

Tendency to use mainly vehicles with electric motors rather than for thermal engines

The need to have access to electricity easier without using conventional sockets


Embedding power lines in roads. Roads are bridges between cities houses and people, no matter where they are. These energy transmission lines are intelligent capable of providing wireless electric power at the request of people nearby. The power lines will be cast with the concrete with a special technique. Connections and joints will be made using electromagnetic waves. When two lines are placed side by side they will connect to each other using wireless technology.

What makes your solution unique?

I will continue to point out the elements of uniqueness of my idea: - address the issue of autonomy of electric cars, which can be charged while driving - Galvanic separation between manufacturer / distributor and electric consumer. - dropping high-voltage poles.

How it works: Step 1

Electricity transmission will be using intelligent lines embedded in streets and access roads and connecting towns, homes. The lines emit electromagnetic field only in the place where the car is located, so there must be a permanent exchange of data between the car and the electric line.

How it works: Step 2

The connections between two power lines will be wireless. This eliminates the risk of electrical shocks, the electrical power being supplied by electromagnetic waves. In each house a belt of a material similar to that used in the construction of power transmission lines will be built.

How it works: Step 3

The connection of the electrical equipment to the belt will be done by means of special plugs. These, if they are close to several centimetres belt will connect to it using electromagnetic waves. The equipment will be completely galvanically separated from the power source

Describe how your solution works step by step:

Almost all electric consumers (cities, houses, factories, etc.) are interconnected with each other through road networks. My solution implies the inclusion of electricity distribution lines in the main connecting routes between consumers. Electric cars that will need electricity can connect to these lines with the help of the electromagnetic fields generated by these transmission lines. In order not to generate electromagnetic fields on the entire surface of the lines, they will only be generated in the areas where the car is located, there is a permanent exchange of data between the line and the car. The homes will be connected to these lines by means of special cables, the connection being made wireless all the way through special outlets. Inside the homes the outlets will be similar and the electrical equipment will be galvanically separated from the distribution network. There is no electrical contact between the cables to completely eliminate the risk of electric shock

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