Solar Snow
Snow inflused with photovoltaic properties captures solar energy and is transformed into electricity

Target groups

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Natural resources come in different shapes. Mass consumption of energy will rely on exploiting what the universe has to offer, here on earth and in outer space. On earth we have an abundance of resources not yet exploited, bound by technological constraints and limited out of morality for our gorgeous planet, well, at least some are.


If we could exploit all the shapes of natural energy so that we can transform them into electric energy that would make the whole world sufficient in it's needs, or apparent needs.


Snow is a reflective and receptive material. If we could use snow as a giant solar panel we could extract energy from snow surfaces exposed to sun. Greenland, nordic countries, Siberia and Alaska are but some of the places sun reaches the snow covered areas. If these areas would be exploited a lot of energy could be extracted.

What makes your solution unique?

The whole idea is a mix of biology, chemistry, and physics. Converted water into photovoltaic liquid that acts as a large solar capturing surface is meant to protect remote snow environments from melting and also extract wasted solar energy.

How it works: Step 1


In an utopian world biologists, chemists and physicists work together to transform natural snow into a liquid with photovoltaic properties, thus transforming snow into a giant solar panel. 2 reasons : energy generation and polar cap protection

How it works: Step 2

Falling snow glides along the structure surface into a vat containing a concentrate of the newly developed photovoltaic liquid. Through pipes this liquid is spread outwards so that it covers a large area resulting in a giant solar panel. After extraction energy is transmitted via wireless channels