AMG - Advanced Magnetic Generator
Wireless Magnetic Generator for your home, car and space ship.

Target groups

Other (All ages, genres and hobbies)


In today's world, the earth resources are very limited to accommodate the energy demands of the world. Every human across the globe needs water, energy and food. This project addresses the energy issue and has application in the real world. And can be used by anyone and any group to integrate a new energy system in their day to day activity.


Make life better, easier with reduced costs for everyone.


Advanced Magnetic Generator key features: Wireless power: the main unit (transmitter) can relay power to the wireless power orbs (receivers). Free energy - spend a little amount of power to gain so much more. Portability - The energy unit is portable and its compatible with any home appliance, building electrical systems and all types of vehicles. OFF the Grid - this energy system needs no external grid power. Cheap - the system needs little maintenance and its very cheap to produce.

What makes your solution unique?

The Advanced Magnetic Generator is a self sustained portable device that generates electricity and sends it wirelessly to the receivers (power orbs)- for home and offices use or it can be integrated directly in a car, plane or other type of vehicle - for land, sea, air and space.

How it works: Step 1

The system uses 6 or more double winding coils. The two windings on each coil have different winding steps so they affect and are affected by the magnetism differently. Each coil has a toroidal shape, this way a high concentrated ferromagnetic fluid pipe can be put trough the center of the coils.

How it works: Step 2

The first winding on each coil receives a small amount of stored power (in build capacitors) to kick starts the rotation of the fero-magnetic fluid inside the tube. As the particles of fm liquid are moving they are exciting the second winding on the coils thus generating power.

How it works: Step 3

As the energy is generated, the system beggins to reuse some of the generated energy for the first windings thus creating a perpetuum mobile. The coils and the magnetic field containment rings are cooled by two liquid nitrogen tanks. More coils - more power.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

The power generated by the coils is stored in the main unit that has a tesla transmiter to send the energy wirelessly to the power orbs (they have a tesla receiver). The orbs ar positioned on a special support that is connected to a specific energy consumer (pc, fridge, tv, radio etc.).Also any smartphone or smart device that is near the power unit or power orb is charged automatically.

Functioning demo: