Tapen Vidyutam (Heat to Electricity)
Metal/Alloy used to generate Heat to Electricity

Target groups

Other (All Consumers)


Everyone needs energy: people, objects, buildings, tools of any kind. Energy must be available everywhere.


We can implement this principle of thermodynamics with immediate effect. This will help us in generating energy anywhere depending on requirement.

Heat sources from any source can be used (gas, smoke, etc). This will reduce the uses of thermal and nuclear power plants.


Wiedemann-Franz law says that metals should conduct heat and electricity in proportion to each other. My idea is to use a metal/alloy in such a way that that it could conduct electricity without any hindrance but heat relatively less well. If a bar is rather thick at one end and rather thin at the other it should serve our purpose for the amount of heat transferred would be somewhat more if the bar is thick.

Vanadium dioxide could be used but that would be in the realm of the future.

What makes your solution unique?

My idea is unique as heat energy can be transformed into electrical energy. Solar energy is easily available during the day. But there are many ways of obtaining heat during at least part of the night.

How it works: Step 1

Selection of metal/alloy. Plate or shaped like structure can be formed with the metal/alloy exposed to the sun/heat. Negative pole will be the heated end and positive pole will be the cool end.

How it works: Step 2

A number of plates can be assembled so as to increase the efficiency of the contraption.

How it works: Step 3

Install the contraption with the device. It will work till the heat source lasts.