graphite CHAINS
Energy is produced by a graphite nets and collected/distributed by a graphite high broadcasters.

Target groups

Other (Urban area citizens)


This solution is addressed mostly to urban crowded area.


In the end we must take advantages of the city's crowded area.


First, main energy is produced by a graphite nets - all the vehicles are passing over those planted graphite nets which accumulate a lot of static energy. After that this energy is collected and distributed wireless by the graphite high broadcasters forward to the buildings, vehicles, public lights and many others gadgets.

What makes your solution unique?

This solution is meant to be unique because it meets several criteria that underlie a powerful energy distribution chains which helps us to use the motion energy of nowadays. (The presentation is focused just over of the two graphite high broadcasters to show their functionality).

How it works: Step 1

Here is the final chain phase, and after that all came to the start phase and looping again and again. Also all the vehicles are charged by the rest of the graphite high broadcasters which covers all the areas.

How it works: Step 2

You have more details about the graphite nets.