A worldwide distribution system where everybody is a consumer a transmitter and a distributor.

Target groups

Other (Humanity)


Energy is the core of our existence, we require food to live as does every living being , we are now advanced and we require machines to live in a modern world, cars instead of legs, cameras instead of eyes etc…, and we are still on the infancy of creating ways to feed our extended parts. If humans need energy they grow food but we still didn’t figure out how we can grow electricity or even transfer it without harming our environment.


“If i have been able to see further it was only because i stood on the shoulders of giants” Isaac newton. When it comes to electricity and futurism there is no shoulder taller than the shoulder of the great Nikola Tesla to stand on. More than a century ago Nikola Tesla already thought of wireless energy through Electromagnetic waves to transfer electricity, we should complete his work. But even that our greatest challenge would be harnessing energy cleanly, to evolve further, farther and better.


We were asked to think like Elon MUSK and he talks business as well Everybody should be involved in harnessing and transmitting energy. with a variety of products to gather energy wherever and whenever we can. A worldwide distribution encrypted system where people must pay a small fee to use the wireless technology, people can contribute as well on producing energy, that way people will be encouraged to buy our products that will harness energy (will describe them further) .

What makes your solution unique?

The idea is realistic and we can start it right away, it takes the power of the internet which is sharing, sharing energy on a global scale, harnessing it with various ways. using the power banks to receive store and distribute energy, and here are some ideas on harvesting energy.

How it works: Step 1

Starting power plants (small dams on the mountains, dams on waterfalls...) and distributing electricity wirelessly, allowing private businesses and individuals to harness energy using our products to gain money and create a starting point with distribution and harvesting.

How it works: Step 2

The power banks must at first fit our current day technology, and before customizing it for every machine, it must start as a home power bank that will connect to our existing home electric systems, as the main home power supply.

How it works: Step 3

Evolve to a Type 1 civilization according to the kardashev scale, by harvesting all energy possible from earth and from the sun, and even more harvest nearby stars energy; their energy will be available within 4 years after deployment of harvesters since Em can travel the speed of light on vacuum.