Energy Revolution
The new way to accumulate and distribute energy

Target groups

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Energy is around us. we are also "energy". We must find a way to capture it, accumulate it and distribute it. The sun transmits energy .... the sound waves around us are energy ... our movement generates energy ... our body heat is energy .....


We are the key to the solution. our body and the energy of the surrounding environment.


I imagined a SUIT that absorbs and accumulates in a SMALL DEVICE the energy of our movement (the fibers of the suit contracting accumulate this energy), furthermore it's a photovoltaic suit, which absorbs solar energy. Absorbs the sound waves too! The suit also transforms the heat that disperses our body into energy. The energy accumulator is then detached from the suit and in your home transmits wireless the energy collected to all devices!

What makes your solution unique?

The suit absorbs energy in many ways and accumulates it in the small device.

How it works: Step 1

energy revolution is here!