Long waves power
Transducing long radio waves to electric energy

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We widly use electromagnetic waves in our life , but it is microwaves and shorter. Long waves (also known as low frequency waves) are rarely used now. They known as used in AM radio broadcasting, navigation, underground radio communication & connection with submarines. Though long waves and super long waves have an interesting features: - a little absorbetiong through the land or sea (waves of 20-30 km in length can penetrate to the depth of the sea by several tens of meters...


  • LW Can diffract around obstacles like mountains and follow the contour of the earth. -
  • Has a small energy absorption. The main advantage of long waves is the greater stability of the electric field strength: the signal strength on the communication line varies little during the day and during the year and is not subject to random changes. Sufficient for the reception of electric field strength can be provided at a distance of more than 20 000 km, this requires powerful transmitter-antennas.


We offer to use the network of radio towers that broadcast long waves (or to place transmitters on such known towers like Berliner Fernsehturm, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Ostankino tower, etc. ). These transmitters for their work will use the energy of the sun, wind, water (depending on where they will be located).Radio waves will be transmited in far distances. Accordingly, in each device of consumed energy will be a microchip converter of the wave voltage to electric energy.

What makes your solution unique?

Long radio waves are reflected from the ionosphere and transmitted along the surface of the Earth for long distances with low power losses. What if we learn to convert them into electricity ? This would open up great opportunities!

How it works: Step 1

The radio tower will receive energy from pure sources such as solar, water, wind energy, depending on where it will be, for example in the middle of the ocean, and transmit electricity by long radio waves over long distances, underground - in the subway, tunnels , to airplanes & flying drones-taxis.

How it works: Step 2

Households will be able to receive electricity for all devices through a radio wave. It will be possible to switch to a wave of a different power station , which will work at different low frequencies. To charge the phone, it is also enough to choose a wave. Convenient, isn't it?

How it works: Step 3

We assume that our technology will be possible thanks to a special device - a wave converter, which will resonate with the wave and transform its magnetic radiation into an electrical signal.