Ocean Scraper
An artificial "Jellyfish" structure collects energy from the motion of ocean water

Target groups

Other (World Population)


Mass consumption of energy is our current standard, mandatory for the functioning of our whole planet. With more gadgets, more cars and more devices than ever energy is in high demand, ever growing and indispensable.


Expanding our interpretation of the natural resources we can exploit is a must. Water is a constant energy source and exploiting the powerful force of the ocean's motion could be one of the biggest natural sources future energy generation will rely on.


A floating structure with long expanding "tentacles" cover large portions of water. The up/down and left/right motion of water waves is captured from the movement of these tentacles. These tentacles are made from many segments and each segment is creating energy in relationship to the next segment near it. Therefore, there is more motion at micro level transferred into energy than a single big floating element. All this energy is then transported via AI drones.

What makes your solution unique?

Natural resource - Converting the "shape of water" into electric energy, from micro to macro. Future technology - high storage batteries transported by AI drones to desired places. From primordial molecular level motion to behemoth cities of the future.

How it works: Step 1

CAPTURE/CONVERSION 1. Floating structure is pointed against waves - water enters through it reaching the tentacles in the back. 2. The tentacles in the back spread across the water having a constant up and down, left and right motion. 3. This motion is captured and converted into electric energy.

How it works: Step 2

STORAGE 4. Electric energy is stored in high storage batteries within the structure.

TRANSPORTATION 5. A.I powered drones deliver batteries to ares in need storing the batteries into a power beacon

DISTRIBUTION 6. Power beacons: energy is transferred from beacon to consumer via a wireless channel

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