Floating rims that capture energy from Birkeland currents and northern lights to redistribute it.

Target groups

Other (Everyone on Earth)


There is a huge need for electric energy in the Earth and traditional renewable resources are not capable of delivering the amount of energy required. There is no electric grid anymore, every home and building has special cells (batteries) that receive an amount of wireless energy every month to subsist from emitting satellites. Scientists have discovered innovative ways to capture plasma but hasn't been able to produce it at an affordable cost yet.


Explorations of new renewable sources of energy drive attention to an unexplored resource: Birkeland currents and Auroras. They know that Birkeland currents are huge electric currents powered by solar wind that go from the ionosphere to the atmosphere carrying up to 1TW electric power in form of "plasma jets". With their current knowledge they could capture that plasma, concentrate it somehow and induce wireless energy expansion to everyone on Earth. They decide to give it a try.


They create the NORDLYS Rings. These rings float between the ionosphere and the atmosphere over the North and South poles. When solar storms hit the Earth's magnetic field they deflect, streaming gases and plasma towards the Poles to generate Birkeland currents and form Auroras. Here, NORDLYS Rings capture the plasma and concentrate it. When there is enough concentrated energy, they emit an expansive wave over the whole Earth charging all batteries for up to a year in a single run.

What makes your solution unique?

Birkeland currents and Auroras have proved to carry enormous amounts of energy - enough for the whole to enjoy clean energy for as long as they want. This proposal invites to explore them as a rich energy source and introduces intermitent expansion waves to distribute wireless energy to home cells.

How it works: Step 1

Nordlys works in three different stages. First it collects all the energy that the Auroras generate. Second, it tranforms the collected plasma into electric energy until fully charged. And third, it distributes all the collected energy worldwide for the anual charge through a wave expansion.

How it works: Step 2

Nordlys distributes energy worldwide by a wave expansion. All buildings have their own cells so they can store energy wirelessly and manage it independently. Nordlys sends sporadic waves as it stores much more energy than needed in Earth.

How it works: Step 3

The energy expansive wave charges power cells in buildings and public places. This way users can manage their own energy independently, depending on their preferences and needs. They just choose which elements they want to sync with the power cell and they will start receiving energy wirelessly.

Describe how your solution works step by step:

The sun emits solar storms every once in a while. These arrive to earth in form of plasma and are deflected by Earth's magnetic fields, being streamed towards the poles. When this gases and plasma hit Earth's magnetosphere they form the Aurora Borealis and Australis. This currents of plasma are called Birkeland currents. Recent studies have proved that they carry enormous amounts of energy in form of "plasma jets".

Nordlys Rings will float over the Poles and intercepts this currents, generating electric energy from heat and captured plasma. Once there is enough concentrated energy withing Nordlys halos, these will send an expansive energy wave all over the world and charge every single cell. They will be able to keep charge for very long periods of time - even years. The expansive wave will be safe and imperceptible for living beings.

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