Thirst for Design

Create a new 'artist series' of stylish designs for Vapur's multi-talented Anti-Bottle. Make drinking water more fashionable than ever!

$2,500prize pool

Create a new 'artist series' of stylish designs for Vapur's multi-talented Anti-Bottle. Make drinking water more fashionable than ever!


Vapur Inc. is the company behind the Anti-Bottle — a foldable, flexible, reusable, eco-friendly water bottle designed to make tap water infinitely portable. Unlike traditional rigid bottles, which are bulky and inconvenient to carry, Vapur can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty — easily fitting into pockets, purses, packs or briefcases. The highly-durable bottle is freezable, dishwasher safe and BPA-free, which means it can be safely reused again and again.

The idea behind all that: Vapur believes that clean tap water is the best drinking water for you, your community and the planet. It takes 17 million barrels of oil each year to make water bottles for the U.S. market. That would be enough oil to fuel 1.3 million cars for a year. 37,800 18-wheelers deliver bottled water around the country every week. Only 23% of water bottles are recycled - a whopping 38 billion are land filled each year!

With the Anti-Bottle, Vapur pursues the vision to make bottled water obsolete. Along with Dwell Magazine, Opportunity Green and Ampac, Vapur initiates the Anti-Bottle Design Competition. For this competition, Vapur needs creative ideas for a stylish new “Artist Series” of Anti-Bottles that will make carrying tap water more fashionable.

Task Definition

Help Vapur create the next series of Anti-Bottles by creating stylish designs to be printed on their bottles. This includes the Vapur standard .5L bottle along with a soon-to-be-released .4L “fun size” bottle.

Use the 2-D template in the download section to present your designs. Beyond the specification of the template shape and logo inclusion, the design is open. The Anti-Bottle is a maverick, eco-friendly bottle on a mission — so Vapur is looking for your best and wildest design ideas (but please, keep it clean).

Please note: Vapur is NOT asking you to change the shape or design of the actual bottle, but to come up with the artwork/design to go ON the bottle.

Extra goodie: Vapur is giving away freebies of the current Anti-Bottles and Vapur T-shirts throughout the competition to those creatives who accumulate the most Karma points.

Target Group

For our new Artist Series, we are seeking designs that will appeal to an international audience of trendsetters and eco-minded individuals who carry their water bottle as a fashion statement. Below is a mixed list of individuals the product currently targets, as well as those Vapur is also targeting. As a designer, you have free reign to either hone in on a specific audience or to create something that overlaps with the interests of several groups.

Design-Object Seekers: Thirsty trendsetters seeking fashionable objects to express their personality while hydrating themselves.

Eco-Stylish Moms: Savvy and sustainable moms, who tote their water bottle and encourage their kids to do the same.

Actively Outdoors: Men and women who love to be outside walking, hiking, biking, etc.

Water Smugglers:  Single-use bottled water haters, people who prefer to "BYO" where ever they go.

Travelers: People seeking the perfect hydration companion for life’s adventures.

Eco-Casuals: Those seeking convenient and compelling ways to live more sustainably, save money and look cooler.


The Vapur® Anti-Bottle challenges people to “drink out loud”. As a brand, Vapur strives to keep it’s packaging, marketing materials and product design clean, yet universally cool. Be sure to keep these things in mind for your design.

Brand Attributes

  • Stylish
  • Fun
  • Emotive
  • Behavior Changing
  • Honest
  • Optional: provocative, humorous

Mandatory requirements

  • Apply your design to the 2-D front and back bottle templates provided. You must show both front and back visuals.
  • The bottle can be transparent (translucent) and/or opaque, but consider including a see-through water level indicator on any completely opaque designs.
  • Integrate the Vapur® logo into your design, as well as a small amount of legal copy.
  • Use the existing logo and be creative with the existing logo provided in terms of size, color, location, etc.
  • Beyond merely providing the 2-D template, you are free to enhance your idea with additional visualizations (video, sketches, audio). You may submit a maximum number of five (5) ideas in this contest.
  • For designers who are interested in obtaining, using, and/or working with the Anti-Bottle to get their creative juices flowing, Vapur is offering a discounted price. Keep your eyes open for an offer code in the next Jovoto newsletter.



  1. Due to manufacturing constraints, your design cannot use spot varnishes or inks intended to rest on the outer surface of the bottle (such as spot UV, or dull varnishes).
  2. No adjustments to the overall shape or physical structure of the bottle are permitted.
  3. The bottle has a small gusset on the bottom (to allow for more capacity of water). This gusset will be clear. No printing will be allowed on the gusset.
  4. The bottle must have the following information on it somewhere (artwork provided on bottle 2-D template):


  • Vapur Logo
  • Legal Copy: BPA Free • Made in the USA • • Patent Pending

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Finaly a jury! Great!

Cool product and goal.

very cool that vapur is providing some freebies - that's always nice! good move!

I wonder when the jury will begin to comment on the ideas that have been uploaded so far... During the betacup contest we had a lot of feedback from the jury, which really helped to develop the ideas. Can we hope for a similar reaction here, or will the jury content themselves with rating only?

Hi Janne, I just got feedback from the jury - they are already impressed by the quality of ideas so far and are going to start giving feedback later this week!

Good to know and thx for inquiring! ;o)

I have some questions regarding printing:

  1. Can white be printed as a colour onto the anti-bottles?
  2. Or would it be used as the substrate colour in case the image is white dominant?
  3. Is there a limited selection of substrate colours or is any colour possible as the base/substrate colour?
  4. Do fully printed images result in absolute opacity?

Thanks already!

Vapur's response:

  1. Yes. white can be printed, but it isn't 100% opaque, there is a 90% opacity or so depending upon what backs it...
  2. It can also be used as a substrate color (we can print on clear or white film)
  3. The substrate comes in a variety of bases such as metallic, solid and clear. Most of the color options are flood coated onto that for printing purposes. We don't print onto colored substrates. the process is one where we print onto a very thin film that film can be metallic, white or clear. The graphics or any colours are then printed on that substrate and ultimately laminated between two layers of plastic.
  4. We would most likely print full images on a white substrate.

Thanks this is very useful indeed!

Good questions raised here. I would like to add another one: Are the bottles sold in packages and if they are - how do they look like? As the design only comes to effect when the bottles are filled, it would be important to know how they look at the POS.

Janne, answer is in my last comment...

May I know if Vapur bottles can be filled with other type of liquid into the bottle? For instance, home made isotonic drinks? Or juices? =)

This is Vapur's answer:

Yes, one can put any of type of refreshment in the Anti-Bottle. Although, liquids with very strong flavors do have the potential to affect the taste of the Anti-Bottle, especially if it’s not thoroughly cleaned between uses.

Please note there's a new image available in the Materials section, it is showing the current Vapur packaging, and this is a note from Vapur to go along with it:

Packages present the bottle flat not full. We show graphics of the product on our package to indicate capacity and there is currently a photograph of the product on the package to show it full and standing. The back-side of our bottles isn't visible in our current packaging. But the bottle is presented flat against a bright white surface. So, any transparency will show through but only from the front (in the package)

The graphics on the packaging will most likely be changing to match the bottle designs we select from the competition. This image can give you a general idea though.

Thx texastee - this is very helpful indeed.

It might be a silly question:) ... but I need this information to connect the behavior and the concept. How to finish the last drop of water? Buy sucking the bottle hard or folded it like toothbrush tube into our mouth? Thank you!

A note to the materials:

The thread of the cap won't change it's direction if you just turn the bottle from front to back. Think about it and if you don't believe me, take a bottle and turn it step by step in little angles!

Sadly this mistake now spreads through many good ideas of the contest. :-(

Well, we are supposed to look at the design, not at the cap, aren´t we? ;o)

Yes we are, but personally I find such stupid mistakes very distracting from the actual design.

Hi, i need to delete one of my ideas but i just can't... i think it's getting a little messy so i wanted to delete it... any help ?

You can only delete an idea within 24hrs after uploading it. But why not put an old/new pic between your ideas - many of us do this. ;o)

alright, sure... thanks you..

Thanks Janne ;) She's right, just make an update and mark it as old/new by putting a slide with text in between!

hey, same with me, i wanted to delete some aswell, cause i´ve redesigned that, but its still there.... do know why...

sensible product, nice

how to access private contests ?

JayJay, the contest is closed for submissions anyway, you can only rate at that time. Also I see you already applied for private contests, thanks for that! Just be a bit patient, we'll get back to you asap!

yep, knew that contest is close.. thanks for the reply..

i tried uploading portfolio, but not sure if it gets there ...

It's september 9...why aren't the ratings showing up?

Winners I mean

Gratulation: Pommes, Lugos and vectorspecies

congratulations winners!! 6 is too small a selection in this one though... there are just so many amazing proposals that didn't get ranked high enough :)

gratz to all winners, amazing illustrations ...

Congrats !!! great work all

oh and a biggg shout out to the good people at vapur and our beloved jovoto team for putting this together!! thanks guys, you make work enjoyable!

Thanks to YOU guys! We really can't stop saying how much we enjoyed following this contest and watching you create amazing designs! Thaaaaaaaanks!

I would say that the community prize is pretty unfair....

I don't understand either....

Dear nsonne,

no offence to Jovoto, (Jovoto is a great platform). Correct me if i'm wrong, probably this is just my view on the community rating system.I see that certain ideas or designs are better than the ones winning the prizes,i was just wondering could there be a chance for micro-community that votes for their own designs like voting for themselves etc, but we really can't help friends voting for friends as ppl surely will invite their friends & family to support their designs etc.

I don't know how to put it clearly here as i still see some flaw in the rating system... this is just a friendly comment for the sake of improvements. I'm sorry if i offended anyone.

yes - unfair that is the question? I think the second price is more better! That's my opinion

... and the rating doesn't reflect just your opinion, but the overall opinion of the community ;)