I think of a Design collection, with which one sees the various and �somewhat unusual �actions on the water bottles of mouths to show.


Examples here:


  • A tongue snatches at the refreshing water in the bottle
  • A lake is completely empty sucked
  • Gold fish in the bottle swim around there lifes;)


One could add further numerous motives:


  • Tongue interlocks itself in the bottle
  • Tongue licks the last drops of the edge of bottle
  • A small man holds the tongue
  • small men showers the tongue with water hoses off etc.


The motives should be thereby always unusually, in addition, funny and telling a story. The representations should always exhibit a refreshing effect like water drops or easily fitted external walls. Depending upon representation one can achieve an optical deception, so that if someone drinks from the bottle, it from a distance in such a way looks as if is his tongue into the water bottle actually is!

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