World Changers Collection


I think the anti-bottle needs to fulfill several criteria:

  • Be desirable enough to purchase, probably as a quick impulse buy too.
  • Look good visually to onlookers so it may get them curious enough to strike a conversation and figure out how to get hold of one.
  • Instill a sense of 'good-ness' in the user.
  • Act as a collectible or fashion accessory so one may possess several for different occasions.
  • Be interesting enough to be gifted to friends and family.

The World Changers collection:

  • My idea proposes to have a collection of visual halftone portraits of famous personalities that have altered the way the world thinks.
  • The back of each anti-bottle shall feature a famous quote from each personality, preferably relevant to positive future change, which is exactly what the anti-bottle imbibes as a product.
  • Each face shall be better visible to onlookers from a distance, probably in an environment like the subway/metro or on the street, or maybe in the office.
  • My current choice of personalities is Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi. These are world leaders, but I can also do a series on personalities from arts and culture, sport, entertainment.
  • The idea has the potential to become a fully marketable collection with a wide range of personalities from different professions.

Update 31/08 : From the very relevant feedback I received about the inclusion of Churchill on the same platform as Gandhi, I've removed Churchill and introduced Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Charlie Chaplin. I'd really appreciate any comments! Thanks so much already!

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