Water is fun


We're made of water, it's a fact, and the water we drink is part of all our activities, isn't it? so, if we drink more water, we can make everything better. This idea is so simple and yet so common that we usually forgot it, if we add some water to any activity we're into, it will be less hard, for example: dancing, jogging, working at the office, cleaning the house, riding the bike, even just sitting down and thinking! it's like sleeping well. So I'm illustrating all this activities, based on the idea of having fun doing them. Water is fun, and life could be fun too.

And If I'm gonna spend some bucks buying a water bottle, I would like to see:

  • Something I will be proud to have around, a sexy design that stands out. A desire object, something I would like to wear.
  • Fun, If I see it in a store, It has to say: You can't let this store without me, c'mon.
  • A perfect gift for young people, and still, that my mom could use. (She's always carrying around her old bottle till is too old 'n crumbled to use it)
  • Some clever approach to the subject, Not Boring, no one likes to be preached =).
  • An object that every time I use it, reminds me why i'm using it, and makes me feel good about it.
  • Again, sexy (did anyone say iPhone?)
Well. I'll be working in the whole serie, let me know what you think!!

T-shirt renders!!

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