Water is Playful!


Filling up the new Vapur water bottle, is now a truly moment of pleasure. This design tries to illustrate that fun. The background of the front of the bottle is transparent.

 I'm still working on the back.

I'd like you all give me feedback on this idea, because if you like, i could try to make a serie inspired in this kind of engines.

UPDATE: I've been working on the back and that's what it turned out. The logo is transparent, so when we see the front of the bottle, there's no background at the logo's place.

Give me your feedback about the back. I'm already working on a second design to continue this series.

UPDATE: The second design of this serie, has just arrived. I hope you like it, because it gave me too much work. I'm already working on the third design, with a pink back. I don't know yet when it will be finished, but I'll upload it later.
Give me your feedback please. Thank you all!

NEW UPDATE: The last design of this collection has just arrived. I guarantee that no plants have been hurt during the prodution of this design :P
I hope you like my overall idea.