Water Play


This clean, simple and straight forward pattern relates to water as a fundamental resource and its importance.
Although there is so much to say about water and its relevance to our lives, in this case, less is more, especially if people are going to be initially drawn to the bottle.
-Bright colors and basic shapes are eye-catching and the simplicity allows for more accessorizing and less commercialism (no one wants to walk around with an advertisement on their water-bottle.)  
-Large degree of transparent space in the overall design is the best way to show the contents. It is good for the promotion of water-bottles and aids in functionality (water level and the cleanliness of the inside.)
-Ageless and timeless design is a must since the bottle can be re-used for years to come. All audiences, young or old, will appreciate the playfulness. This design is void of supplementary text. Jokes or tag lines may get tiresome.
-Variety. The pattern variations on the front will be great for families or groups. Each member can easily identify their bottle by color and/or symbol. Plus, everyone loves choices!
While I am an avid water-bottle carrier and support the cause, I would choose a fun and flexible design over an educational approach. 

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