The Water Rhymes


"The Water Rhymes" can refer to rhythm created in the water, musical rhymes in the water or any other ways viewers could interpret by themselves. I wanted to design something relaxing yet casually loud, confident yet not arrogant. I think of the acts of singing, whistling� someone can do it best when he is at ease, when there's no interruption... a space that he can truly be himself. My design is inspired by music and rhythm, I wanna implement this sense of freedom into drinking, making drinking something happy and relieving, making people less constraint and less pressure.

I tried to mix with simple lines and shapes, to keep a stylish look which is fun and simple. I tried not to use too many color, just one color to represent each instrument in my series, to suggest something more sustainable and cost-effective. For the background, I chose a color which closes to recycle material, to bring in an Eco-friendly effect.

Water level would be seen from the colors - blue, green and orange, because these color parts are intended to be printed semi-transparent.

I hope it works.