You told us �The Anti-Bottle is a maverick, eco-friendly

bottle on a mission�


My quest: Outrageous, radical freedom with cool factor


Rebellious brands who explore confidently break category rules and set about bringing new ideas to the category.


Because we break rules, the norms of �eco� and �water� brands need challenging�

That means NO;

�    Transparent packaging

�    Borrowing of iconography from nature (no earth, no naturalness, no purity cues)

�    �Wet� look, light colours, �brown paper bag� cues

�    Hydration cues


My Target: International trendsetters

These people have their finger on the pulse. They know what�s cool and they are leading the pack, not just following. High moral standards and progressive views tap into their eco-ideal. They shouldn�t need to trade off these progressive views on the world around them in exchange for cool-factor.


The Solution:

Introducing �the Hello Series�

Hello looks more like an IPod than a water bottle.

I�ve borrowed iconic visual cues from technology and fashion to deliver a radical design for water.


People buy in to brands as a statement about who they are.

The packaging structural design plays to the eco credentials

The graphics play to the required aspriational cool factor

No longer do our International Trendsetters need to choose one or the other.


The Vapur Artist Series Hello designs achieve many of the objectives we set out to resolve:

- Style.  Turns a bottle into a desirable object that the consumer will consciously buy and like to be seen with. It�s a fashion statement.

-  Friend. Using Hello (or the same greeting in another language) in the promotion of the series ensures the brand is approachable and accessible for the wide International trendsetter target

- Rebel with a cause. No longer do consumers need to trade off between cool and eco. Best of both worlds.



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