TOTAL Innovation Station

Develop the Service- and Mobility-Station of the Future!

€21,500prize pool

Develop the Service- and Mobility-Station of the Future!


The TOTAL company

For 60 years TOTAL has been making an important contribution to the energy supply in Germany: TOTAL provides private households with heating energy and supplies retailers, businesses and the industry with the most diverse specialized products and varied services. Around 93,000 employees in over 130 countries ensure the continued supply of energy. Oil and gas form the core of TOTAL’s activities. Ever since the eighties TOTAL has also been developing environmentally-sustainable energy sources like solar energy and biofuels. In the photovoltaic sector TOTAL is currently one of the leading international players with its stake in SunPower.

From gas station to service station

TOTAL is one of the leading gas station operators in Germany with over 1,100 gas stations, used by more than 650,000 people daily. Nowadays customers not only use gas stations for refueling their vehicles, but as a service station that goes beyond car-related services and is a provider of services and goods and a sociable meeting point. The brand slogan “Auftanken and wohlfühlen” (Refuel and relax) fittingly describes the service and quality promise of TOTAL. For example, over 500 Café bonjour! bakeries offer freshly baked sweet and savory snacks and delicious hot drinks on a daily basis. The name bonjour! is a reference to the French roots of the company.

The pioneering gas station design T-Air

In order to fulfill the new function as a versatile service station, TOTAL has developed “T-Air”, a completely new design concept for its gas stations; the light, high-quality, transparent and friendly architecture, which has been thought through down to the very last detail, enables a better integration of the gas station into its local surroundings and creates a higher acceptance among customers and urban planners. T-Air is a play on words, which comes from the French words for earth (terre) and air (air). This project is about sounding out the potentials of the T-Air concept for TOTAL and its customers. As an example the service station in the popular Berlin area of Prenzlauer Berg has been chosen, a neighborhood with one of the highest ratios of children in Europe and home to many international trendsetters like artists, filmmakers, authors and designers.


With this project TOTAL wishes to create new service and product offers as well as design ideas for the architecture and the interior design of the service station of the future in an open and collaborative contest of ideas. The task is to completely rethink the service station concept in the context of a modern metropolitan neighborhood, e.g. as a mobility station in a broad sense, into which new mobility concepts, service and product offers are integrated. New trends should be picked up on or developed, in order to make the TOTAL service stations appealing to customers in the future too. 

Task Definition

Develop the service station of the future using the example of the TOTAL service station in the popular Berlin neighborhood Prenzlauer Berg.

Concept development

Your idea should answer the following questions:

  • What are the innovative elements of your concept?    
  • What makes the TOTAL service station within this urban setting so unique?
  • What does an innovative offer of products look like?
  • Which new services should be offered?
  • Are there product or service offers in cooperation with companies or facilities in the neighborhood?
  • Which mobility concepts should be incorporated?
  • What experiences should be possible at the service station, in order, for example, to make the brand promise “Auftanken und wohlfühlen” (Refuel and relax) even more palpable?


Give your innovative concept a name, which expresses the groundbreaking character of your idea. For the best name concept there will be a special jury prize of €1000.


Visualize your concept with a highly attractive architecture concept. We are looking for unusual, new and exciting architectural visualizations of your idea. You should exhaust all of the creative possibilities of the new T-Air concept (s. materials), which forms the design framework of the architectural concept.

Interior design

Show how your new service and product ideas can be translated into the service station’s interior. Take into consideration the fact that your idea should have the potential to be used beyond the service station in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg in all TOTAL service stations.

Jury prizes

As well as the Community prize money the following special prizes will be awarded by the jury:

  • Special prize for the best realization of the T’Air concept – 2,500 EUR
  • Special prize for the best service idea – 2,500 EUR
  • Special prize for the most sustainable idea – 2,500 EUR

Target Group

  • EVERYONE (even non-drivers)
  • Primarily live in cities 
  • TOTAL customers and non-TOTAL customers


In keeping with the TOTAL brand and its claim “Auftanken und wohlfühlen” (Refuel and relax), the service stations are:

  • unique
  • innovative, modern, future-oriented
  • customer-friendly, family-oriented 
  • feel-good atmosphere
  • transparent, honest
  • open, surprising
  • premium quality
  • with a “French attitude to life”  (but not the clichéd French person with baguette, red wine and beret)

Mandatory requirements

  • Ensure that the T-Air design (s. materials)  forms the design framework of your idea. 
  • The following elements may not feature in your design:
    • Elements which are excluded by the jovoto Conditions of Participation 
    • Insinuations of violence or depictions of weapons
    • Sexist or racist insinuations
  • Only use image material for which you own the full copyright or for which you can pass on the exclusive rights, if necessary, to the client. Third-party image material should be clearly highlighted.

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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I'd like to clarify. The room is filling station integrated into an existing building?

Hi Elina, You can work with the existing building as given in the Floor Plan, or you can build something new but you must keep the support structure and the white building (Hotel) above Café bonjour! & shop.

I hope that clarifies! If you have any other questions just let us know.

Yes. Thanks so much Jess!

I have a question. In materials drawings on which everything is specified are submitted. What it is possible to change? Appearance of gas station, interiors, concept? And that has to remain invariable. Thanks, Alex

Hi RK_341,

Everything can be changed, interior and out- as long as the support structure and the white building (Hotel) above Café bonjour! & shop.

In the changes you make, it is important that you use elements and themes from the T-Air concept.

Any other questions, give us a shout!

Best, Jess

its very complicated, should we design the station according to the t air pdf, or according to the pdf total ground floor, thanks

It's actually not too complicated! The T'Air concept is the general Design-Concept of the TOTAL service stations. Its design elements - such as logos, colors and materials should be applied to your concept for the TOTAL service station of the future. Show that you concept works on the concrete example of the Berlin service station showed in the plans.

should we recreat the hotel and the building or just design the service station (out and in)

Hi again :-) No - do not change the hotel building. You can change every part of the service station as long, of course, as the supporting structure of the hotel ( marked in the plans in solid black) is untouched.

must we creat the out door and the café and the wach car service only

As I mentioned above, Everything can be changed, interior and out- as long as the support structure and the white building (Hotel) above Café bonjour! & shop.

In the changes you make, it is important that you align with the T-Air concept and use elements and themes from there.

can we displace the 6 gas station so that it feet with my design, thank you jess.

Hi there, Sorry, I'm not sure I totally understand what you mean. You must keep the existing support structure, but if you keep that, than you are free to move the gas station parameters around.

hi jess , i just want to know how much futuristic this project, , are they going to build it now or whene, thanks; )

Hey there, TOTAL is currently aligning their service stations with the T-Air concept, so it's great if you create something feasible- theres a chance it will really be built!

Fantastic project and great ideas on board already!! Best wishes to all participants!!

Hi Jessica, I have a question: we can keep the original shelter, modifying it according to the concept of the T-Air? Or should we create a completely new structure? Thank you.

HI Egoist, You can absolutely work with interior and existing building as given in the Floor Plan, or you can build something new as long as keep the support structures and the white building (Hotel) above Café bonjour! & shop.

hello:) i'd like to take part and i have several questions: - is the area plan pdf. in real scale?? - with using your suport structures can i project smth new?? - what exacly shall i send?? grund floors, graphics, material description?? :)

Hi Majestic,
Nice to have you here ! -If you have a look at the floor plan, on the bottom right it shows that the scale is 1:200 (if scaled at 100%) -As long as you keep your the support structures you are welcome to go wild with your designs. -You can upload and present your idea with descriptions, graphics, floor plans, sketches- whatever you think is necessary to fully and best present your idea. Have a look at some of our past projects, like Prodigy Network to get a better understanding of the whole process- here:

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask! Best, Jess

Thanks, I"ll do my best!! ;p( shall the french influence be sketched or marked??) :)

Hi again, If you read the briefing, in the Tonality section, it says with a “French attitude to life” (but not the clichéd French person with baguette, red wine and beret). Good luck! Best, Jess

I would like to know, when there´s the first feedback of the client?, I hope very soon ;o)

Where is the main focus of this project? Is it first the service concept and then the architectural design? Why is the station "Prenzlauer Berg" choosen? I think, it´s a very special location (in connection with the hotel building and very less existing space to design), not very examplatary for Total stations (normally with separate station buildings) I feel, feedback would answer a lot of questions ;))

We'll have a client feedback later today! Get back to you with that ASAP :)

Great to hear, Jess!! This is very fast ;))

My question is, is it necessary to output incremental design phases, or can we just wait until closer to deadline?

There's the obvious copying mentality people worry about, and sometimes the designer themselves are uncomfortable with outputting half-finished products.

So if one were to output at the final stages, would their design be less regarded by jurors than one that has been around the whole duration of this process?

Hi tomasowa, One of the core principals of jovoto is the ability to gain feedback on your work to further develop your ideas. So half finished or not, you can continue to better your work. While it is possible to submit your idea near the end of the submission period (your idea would be have the same chance to be evaluated by the community and the Jury in the one week Rating Only Phase) however it would be a pity to receive valid feedback and you couldn't update your idea because the submission phase had already ended!

Dear Architects, Artist and Service Designers!

We had the first TOTAL Innovation Station Jury Meeting in Berlin. In the beautiful Tour TOTAL we met Hans-Christian Gützkow - General Manager of TOTAL Deutschland, Jean-Philippe Torres - General Manager Retail and Petra Breitkreutz - Director HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality). Tal Waldman (Talva Design) and Prof. Wolfgang Schuster joined the meeting via telephone conference.

There were 24 ideas, 129 attachments, 377 comments and 186 votes by 66 active user from 24 different countries – there was a lot to talk about!

Here is the summary of our feedback:

Think Service Most important for TOTAL is that your idea should start with a very concrete service programming. Focus on the services that such a station has to offer in the close future. For the development of your idea you should proceed in the following order:

  1. Ask yourself, what are the services the mobility station of the future needs? What are the services and products you want to provide? And what are the services a futuristic service station shouldn’t offer any longer? Describe your new service idea as precise and short as possible!

  2. Describe how your new service idea can be implemented in a station as a general concept. What are the mandatory requirements of a service station according to your programming?

  3. How can your service idea be adapted to this specific TOTAL service station? What are the critical aspects and the advantages here?

This procedure will help you think your idea from the start, from the content, and not from a finished form.

Think T’Air The T’Air should be your guideline for the visualization of your idea. BUT, do not interpret the specifications into a visual language by force, but rather developed your own service enough to be able to visualize it! Then make sure that your concept reflects the T’Air ATMOSPHERE. For example - Use the color code and materials of T’Air! - Apply it in the shop and service station as well as in the outdoor areas!

Think Feasibility One last very important point is that your idea should be feasible! Feasible means your idea can be realized technically as well as financially. TOTAL is willing to put your idea into reality, take advantage of this opportunity.

So keep up the development :-) We're looking forward to the second half of the project to see what you come up with for the new (near) future of service design!

Good feedback. But in my opinion it was necessary to carry out two of the competition. A competition for the new service. And the second contest as to implement this service in design. The concept of fuel station can not be constructed on only one new service. :)

Elina, I believe they are looking for a comprehensive set of new services to not only optimize the service station for now, but for the future as well. There are many innovations one can make to a service station, and many of them not dependent upon the architecture at all. So I believe two separate competitions would not have been necessary. :)

Dearest TOTAL participants,

Today we were able to have an additional Jury meeting and I'd like to tell you about some of the important points that were made about the development of the project thus far.

  • First, be critical and practical in your selection of services. Don't be afraid to limit them, if in the end it will better frame your idea.

Ask yourself: Which services are practical in an urban setting, which are not? What services are likely to align with the TOTAL business model? What is going to generate a profit? (Define how much space is taken by which services and what is financially viable)

  • Secondly, as in the last halftime feedback, please explain your idea in the "Three Step Approach"- you could actually make 3 slides in your presentation that will help all of us to understand your process:
  1. Service Ideas: Simply explain which services are offered in your service station. Remember to think about the services that already exist, for example is it important that the carwash stays a service at your station?

  2. General Design Concept:

  3. What does your station look like, how is it laid out? What is architecturally important for these services?

  4. Implementation of the Concept for the specific situation: How does your General Design Concept look adapted to the specific situation?

  • Thirdly, as mentioned before, this has big potential to be implemented in the bigger german cities. What will TOTAL want to be known for? Use design, architecture and service as trademark.

  • Fourthly, go go go sustainability. There are some ideas being used, but follow through with it. How and what for will it be used? Don't be afraid to push the limit with sustainability! Please explain your sustainability concept thoroughly. If you are saving rainwater, explain how and what it is used for.

And - as we see some great service-ideas aren’t transformed into an architectural concept yet and vice-versa - you can always team up to create together! We are looking forward to all of your ideas to develop and solidify to become complete and feasible concepts.

Very clear. Thanks Jess! Looking forward to submitting my concept soon :D

Very well explained. Doing the slides wright now. Thank you Jess.

There is a question for juri: I'm sory, if it was already up, should we and can we use existing total graphical icons that we can find in contest materials in our project? Is it desireble?

Hi Oldes, Good question! You can use the existing icons or design new ones- But remember to keep within the T-Air concept! Best, Jess

Hey everyone!

We have one other small update from the client's side- Please be specific about materials! Explain HOW, WHAT & WHY you are using the materials you chose to use.

And, after the last feedback, I also made this little blog post to talk a little bit about service design! Check it out:

Looking to see how this project will strengthen as we are winding down. Thanks! Jess

Greetings Jessica, I have a doubt!: You are aiming to create a versatile service station, which translated in minutes means longer staying of costumers (e.g. family with kids), what to do if they come to refuel their car but decide to stay longer!!!

Question: Do costumers have any extra parking lot (somewhere nearby) or we have to design somewhere in our area of design 5-6 parking places?

Hi there! Well that's up to you in your design. It also depends on the services you offer, would people stay longer? If so, then yes, you should think about this factor in your design. Looking forward to it :-) Best, Jess

In any circumstances people will stay longer (even if they drink coffee), but my concern lies in the fact that if we want to design parking places we don't have much spare space - only if we reduce the number of refueling points (what is minimum of refueling points per this station?).

Hi there, I'm sorry, I didn't see your question here! The minimum is also up to you :-) It seems vague but TOTAL really wants to give you complete freedom for design! Good luck in the next few hours of submission :-)

WIsh you all good luck!!!

Dear Jess,

Could you please unify the project TOTAL Blossom from two parts into one project since I didn't know how to make it as ONE (I upload the photos in two period of time), thank you.

Next time you can continue to add more slides and upload as attachment. They are all in one slide now though. You're very welcome! :-)

Dear Jess,

is it possible to attach one last page to my project or to re-correct the page 8 of the project?, if yes (how), thanks again...

Hi there, Let's talk over private message!

Even though i liked this project very much and put alot of energy in it, i have to realise that the projects posted towards the end profit from all those who got into it from the beginning.. Especially services .

Totally agree with AKAntartzis

True, it was expected to happen like this, but still, it's a complex task and there are many aspects to be taken in mind before giving stars...and meanwhile, here is a great video for some positive emotions. Enjoy it and good luck everybody! :)))

We are new in jovoto and we are really exciting and happy because in this web site we find a talented and professional creatives of all planet! Jovoto is our new facebook :) But reading your comments and see anothers in the projects we cant understand the rating and voting process. We wish the best of luck for all and hope the best and complete project wins, meanwhile, Thanks for the beautiful video creativa!

In this project, especially a lot of facebook friends. There are so many that they are already trying to catch each other in fraudulent voting =) Community Project is ridiculous =D

Yes I have seen it going on too! :P Some people are even starting to be very disrespectful and mean in their comments!!! even though it's a competition I think we can stay civilised guys!

hmmm but most money gets the one who wins the comunity prices.. thats really strange

Hello everyone,

For more information on the rating system and the rating behavior we expect, have a look at the rating section in the FAQs here:

Also, as far as facebook friends rating within projects, using our jovoto rating algorithms and karma, we have ways of seeing this type of rating behavior and handling it appropriately.

If you ever have any questions, you can also check the FAQs, ask in the Support Center or ask any of the community managers directly! We're here to help :-)

Best, Jess

thank you for that info

rating done =) good luck to you all!

=) Only two more days. At this point I would like to address my best wishes to all the participating competitors. Thanks for the great contributions and nice comments. I wish everyone good luck!

I have finished voting. Good luck to all! Facebook friends can help you guys win, but they will not give you a sense of pride in your work ...

i m not in facebook, twitter or any else socializing network.. i do need luck hehe good "luck" for everyone too!

Yes good luck to everyone, we will need it!!! I have never had this much rating in a contest...

Just overnight I got 30 ratings and 1 comment...

I got 40 ratings over night and morning, and number is still growing. This project really should be private. We spent so much time and energy on this, and at the end rating is ridiculous.

I agree with you dzo!!!!

It's funny that the winners will selected not professionals, and people who have no clue what the architecture, design and in General about this contest. =D

AKAntartzis: Welcome to Jovoto =D

You guys have worked too much in this project!! All my respect for your works, and i can imagine how do you feel if the votes are not fair enough. All the best!!!!

Thanks so much Matias!!!!!

So... Anyone got that so important mail? Good luck!

Still haven't got one... bad sign! Do you, AKA? Good luck you too!

No... Why me? Could be anyone... Maybe you?

Because your project is great... anyway... me neither unfortunately (at this time, 0:10 am)!

Na ja... niemand hat die email gekriegt?

Should even 4 projects get that mail?

Right four projects. Should already be four winners, but who are they?

The selected idea are also not necessarily the final winners of the 4 Jury prizes. They were selected for a small internal exhibition at TOTAL. We will speak with TOTAL and ask if we can communicate their selection, however at this point it is internal TOATL business.

okay... good to know! thanks Jess!

ooook.... my ranking is going dooooown.. so rapidly?

Hi AKAntartzis, When you have a question or trouble with rating, please contact the project guide directly. The briefing is really only for questions about the.. briefing :) Best, Jess

Where are the winners?


we are currenty doing monitoring and will announce the community winners as soon as possible.

Yours Jesko

Is very strange that the rating behavior of many projects owner´s of TOTAL INNOVATION STATION ideas are under observation. many new and fake profiles in this rating process...

The voting system is wrong. Only the jury should choose the winning projects.

By the way: we can not know at least the four winning projects?

Pfff realy too bad... Lets wait to see if a real good prject will win. And lets see when the jury is gone through and decided... So just wait wait wait and wait.. Im waiting Probably a good advice.. Think you will loose! All the best AKA

Maybe the time is so long because it will be announced at the same time both categories of winners (from the Jury and from the Community). I also believe that normaly to be fair the Community prizes votes shouldn't be taken into consideration if you don't have at least 1000 Karma points and at least 3 ideas in different contest.

We're here with the community winners as well as the Jury Prizes! Have a look at the blog post to read about the jury process too:

Congratulations to all the winners!


Yeyeyeah! Big up to all the winners! Graet job! Thank you all for the motivation and good wishes you gave me! It was really nice to be in competition with graet ideas! Until next challenge! Sooooooon... Respect!

Congratulation to the winners:) On the other hand i thought that this competition were more seriously and truthful but the whole process was depended on time so everything is now understood:) Thanks to all:)

congrats to all winners and participants of this great contest!

I dont'agree. This competition has proved only two things: in the ranking of users are not appreciated the ideas but most exclusively render at latest fashion (with some exceptions), but the jury did even worse: it thought only to marketing and not to the project.

Moreover the voting system is very unclear.

All this is very strange: I saw in the past competions more objectivity (maybe because there isn't a real architect in the jury).

Conclusion: very bad idea to take part in the contest.

P.S. The voting system is veeeeeeeery unclear.

I agree with you. The

" Aim With this project TOTAL wishes to create new service and product offers as well as design ideas for the architecture and the interior design of the service station of the future ... "

Main objective was to find an innovative, feasible idea/concept of a new service to be implemented in the Total gas station, but as I can see the community and the jury piked the projects that targeted the second objective . Only few tried to develop a concept around the service criteria , most of them used the same big list of services found (bistro, cafe , wi fi, bicycles, charge device , shop ....) . Fast shopping/paying ?!?! not getting out of the car ??!! C'mon ! ! I think is not that bad to get out of the car and move your legs , after a day sitting on chair or driving . Fitness bikes in the gas station ?!?!?! wtf ! rent a bike and use the parks nearby .... here's an idea pay gas with fat - 1 km on a still bike 1 l of gas ... oh wait is not profitable forTotal .

I have to say that the presentation of most of the projects is outstanding and complete.

The TOTAL Jury, which does consist of an architect, worked very hard and put time and effort into deciding the winners of this project.

The briefing is for questions relating to the task, if you'd like to start a discussion, have any questions or comments, please use the jovoto Support Center here:

Congrats! to all the winners.. :))

And the WINNER is???

Hey guys, does anyone knows whose project from these 5 winners will be implemented in the REAL LIFE? or they will mix 5 of them into one (as coffee 3in1)....

Congrats to 17 winners?....

Hey there, As soon as we have more information about the winning submissions, we'll let you know! Best, Jess

A comment was deleted here at the request of the comment poster, but if you'd like to add to the discussion in the Support Center, please use the link here:

Hello everyone!

After completing the licensing process- all contracts are signed and we are happy to announce the Client's Choice. Annnd the winner is: Blink by Alab- Congratulations on the big honor!

We'll keep you posted if there is anymore information about the continuation of this project. All the best, Jess & the jovoto Team

Hey everyone!

It was a while ago this project was running but I wanted to let you know about an opportunity similar to the total challenge. At the moment we are running a crowdstorm with adidas, Freudenberg & more where they invite architects, interior designers, foodies and innovators to design and rethink the future food experience for their employees for the year 2025. Check out the brief here and feel free to ask any questions under the brief.

p.s. If you submit your ideas before halftime feedback on the 21st of September, you could earn 1 of 2 MacBook Pros with Retina Display!

Hope to get to see some of your ideas in there!

Best, Jess

Dears, I just wanted to give you a heads-up about a project that might interest you future thinkers :)

We are now running a crowdstorm where you can come up with a future scenario on how our electricity supply could look like in the future. It's really open how you interpret it: technical feasibility and other hurdles do not play a role! So you have total freedom to visualize your very own utopian scenario.

Check out more infos from the Brief here

I am looking forward to see your ideas too!