A vision of future TOTAL service and mobility station.


It is not just a Station. It is a TOTAL Innovation Station. A Symbol of a company through Architecture

Molecule is a very base elements of an oil related products, in this case, TOTAL, as one of world leading petrol station try to approach mobility service hospitality, by giving customer the best from regular service, public service and the environment. Molecule is a essensial concept that translated into architecture for the TOTAL service and mobility station. The main slogan of innovation station represented in this design by giving sophisticated and futuristic looks to the new building design.

T-air concept then inserted into molecule and divided into solid as terra, and the void as air. Terra-air concept also take its role in basic principle of molecule whereas other natural elements, these concept were synthesize into architectural solid shaped building.

The main function of the molecule shape space of the innovation station is as public exhibition space for TOTAL companies. This will resulting a new unique public space where innovation breeds together with building architecture.

Uses the existing improved steel pole support and waffle system steel truss system as the foundation of 20 molecules (or less) of inflated future-developed "Ethyl Tetra Flouro Ethylene" / ETFE material that ensure efficiency , function and aesthetic work together.

The molecule bubble space making space up to 6 meters in diameter and everyspace were connected each other with probability of different functions. They are all explained in the presentation slides.

What name are you giving your service station concept?


What makes your service station unique?

The architecture itself shows uniqueness of the TOTAL company and because of the new public function drawn into the service station, very high-tech and sustainable.

Which services does your service station offer?

Fully automated Gasoline, Electric, Automobile service station, and Car Wash. New Bon Jour Cafe and TOTAL Exhibition Space go public.

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

Post modernism with metaphors, because in the future architecture will go straight to the essence, presenting the very basic use of the building and also presenting the power of the user and the owner. in this case, TOTAL, as the world leading petrol station company wants to give the best to its customer and the environment.

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