Inspired from the T-air concept based on natural figures & creating a garden in the city landscape!!



1. a component or constituent of a whole;
2. a natural habitat, sphere of activity

The "nenuphars" are the inspiration of this architectural concept, giant lilypads will serve as a roof to protect users from the rain and sun. Some will also be equipped with solar panels and directed towards the sun to generate solar energy that will be stored and used at night to lighten up the station.


The roof acts partially as a solar energy collector and partially as a rainwater collector. Depending on the orientation of the site, the  highest "nenuphars" are positioned facing toward the south to capture the most solar energy possible. The ones below have a function of collecting the rainwater, therefore working as water bassins. The "nenuphars" are equipped with heating wires inside the structure to make the snow melt in winter and then fall in the rainwater collectors right underneath.


The solar energy which is collected is used at night to enlighten the station in an environmental matter to prevent light pollution. (controlled with sensors)

The rainwater that is collected is used to irrigate the surrounding vegetation and used for the car wash.

Most of the surfaces are permeable to help prevent erosion and prevent the warming effect of the pavement.

The "nenuphars" procure shadow and protection from the direct sunlight, therefore keeping the occupants comfortable on warm summer days.


The "nenuphars" would be constructed of galavanised steel to prevent corrosion and would be able to be recycled in the future of the buildings life cycle.

What name are you giving your service station concept?

Element, T-air Element, TOTAL element

What makes your service station unique?

It creates an architectural garden in the city

Which services does your service station offer?

Café, lounge,internet, info spot, car care & recreation

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

A "nenuphar" garden in the city, urban landscape

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