The main idea - a canopy for collecting water for technical needs. Collecting is made at any time years. Water is filtered and used in the technical purposes.

 The design of station is the fallen meteorite. The meteorite symbolizes the speed and energy. On a slide it is shown as easy to find station by means of searchlights directed to the sky.
 Except standard services, filling with gasoline, diesel, gas, water. Sink and car polishing. Rent of bicycles, Wi-Fi, cafe. You can receive information on the nearest hotels, sights and jams on the road.
  Besides we create the round-the-clock service center. You can call there at any time if you finished fuel on the road and to you deliver it in the necessary point.
 The concept realizes the principle of short but functional stay in the gas station territory. The territory of station has small the areas and long-term stay of a large number of people and cars uncomfortablly. The person has to receive as much as possible for the small period of time, it shouldn't spend the time to remain for stations, but has to receive a maximum of services and comfort.

What name are you giving your service station concept?

cometotal - powerful, fast, bright and dynamic as comet

What makes your service station unique?

Use of water received natural, for the technical purposes. Number of unique services. Easy identification of stations in the night city.

Which services does your service station offer?

1.Car filling with gasoline, diesel, electricity, gas. 2.Car wash and polishing. 3.Cafe with Wi-Fi. 4.Service for wheels. 5.Information center. 6.Round-the-clock service center. (The order of delivery of fuel in the right place) 7.Rent of bicycles and rollers. 8.The driver for delivery of your car in the necessary point.

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

Dynamic, modern style. Unusual, bright forms. That the station was noticeable in the environment. The design of station is subordinated to visual effect of a comet fallen to the ground. It it is strong, a dynamic, powerful and beautiful form.