new service: playground&bistro/terrace on terre and in the air; "Auftanken und Wohlfühlen" for all


The SALUT-air concept includes two main areas:
stay´n play: a new service with bistro and playground, out- and indoor, electricity upload station

stop´n go: new service concept, modification of the existing area under the hotel: 
Remove the wash to reduce amount of water and gain space

marketplace with T-air umbrellas like Piazza, Plaza, Place...

UPDATE will show groundfloor, service relations,....


the submitted concept is feasible to TOTAL in all parts and can be easy translated into the new Total design T-air, and with modification adapted to every other Total station, depending on the location, one building for all areas or several buildings with seperate service areas
short description:
target group: TOTAL clients and non clients, drivers and non-drivers, residents near station, playgrounds needed in cities,
familyfriendly, with modern and innovative concepts, for the senses, surprising

I will work with the products of a playground equipment company near my city, having premium products in big variety, ecological, most based on wood, so it is possible to create concepts for all special environments of a TOTAL station

This will be qualitiy playground concepts in opposite to the existing ones of the self-service restaurants

What name are you giving your service station concept?

TOTAL "SALUT-air" //


Alternativ: TOTAL PLAZA - TOTAL PIAZZA - TOTAL Marketplace/ Marktplatz

What makes your service station unique?

a new service "stay´n play": a bistro and playground, especially for families, to rest+ an extra electricity loading service at bistro, to spent the time while loading //Marketplace with T-air umbrellas for architectural identity of the station´s self service area //Modification of the existing station under hotel new special service areas, designed in T-air new concept, special service offers for 24 h shopping for the inhabitants of the district and all passing by TOTAL MEETING POINT 4all

Which services does your service station offer?

all needed and modified services in the main service area called "stop´n go" (see plan) and new new services in "stay´n play" (see plan)

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

the new areas will be designed with the T-Air concept of the new TOTAL stations, like roof tops, stone walls,.... and for the playground the additional material wood /////T-air design for the roof top of the station like market umbrellas //// interior station design based on the new T-air concept in mediterrenean look

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