Power lines
lines and materials that define terre and air


dynamic architectual lines define terre and air on this design. to achieve a sustainable character the idea is to finish all materials with Titanium dioxide...
Titanium dioxide is the metal oxide used by far the most common. Titanium dioxide is photocatalytically active. If the particles are incorporated, for example, architectural finishes, they ensure that the facades remain clean. Moreover, such a painting microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, ...) and contributes to combat air pollution. also  it can purify waste water, surface and produce electricity with the help of solar substance 
Proof: http://www.titanshield.co.il/en/FAQ.php

What name are you giving your service station concept?

total line

What makes your service station unique?

dynamic structure / architecture, materials are coated with titaniumdioxid which results the abbility to purify waste water, air, surface and produce electricity. for customers and non customers, seperate gas station and cafe Bonjour, public interactions in form of art gallery along the pavement, use of surrounding green as a "park" with access to the station or cafe Bonjour, implantation of green in the station, backround music Minimizing car wash area, to include a public future lab

Which services does your service station offer?

additional services like: public viewing, shopping, relaxing at cafe bonjour,
party at bar bonne nuit >> "garage TOTAL bar" art expositions (cultural service), car wash, bike rental, charging station for mobile phones, MTA, public phone, free internet, Public maps, By seperating cafe bonjour from the service part station generates space for a shop in shop concept. For example: ADAC (road assistance). Short time office

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

straight lines on the ground, straight lines on air (roof) Sustainable materials for air and earth +++

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