Total comfort - the future is here
Gas-station changes in order to fulfill customer's growing needs.


Architecture: Clean sustainable concept. Steel roof structure with solar panels and glass envelop. Water tank with rain water is for toilets flush, and technical needs. It is on 3 m high, so it doesn't need extra pumps.
Gas station structure: 4 gas station are for credit card paying (no need for entering cafe or shop), and 12 gas stations are parking-like for longer staying customers.
Cafe bonjour is equipped with tables with electrical chargers for different kinds of mobile devices. Whole area is covered with wireless internet.
There is public bench and fountain too.

What name are you giving your service station concept?

Total comfort - the future is here. This is double meaning: 1-the future is already here, the future already started 2-the future is here with us, with Total.

What makes your service station unique?

Tourist services, separation of cafe bonjour and shopping area, new gas-station parking system which allows more free time to spend in cafe or shop...

Which services does your service station offer?

Most of new services are organized around tourist needs: -tourist info desk, for basic tourist information; -tourist guide services (could be interesting considering nearness of hotel); -souvenir shop; -rent a bike and rent a car (small city cars, "Smart" for example); -touch screen information (basic tourist information, city maps, list of museums, galleries etc.); -help on road wehicle (for small repairs and trasnsport to car-repair shop).

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

Implementing T-air concept.

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