People are put into the foreground while the company logo becomes a central design element


LÉGAIR is a wordplay mixing légère and air. The company logo is taken as inspiration to create a spectacular yet elegant and light roof structure with several integrated functions.

ÉGALI-T-AIR builds upon the already existing T-Air. It stands for a better treatment of humans in service areas.

One main idea is to separate the flow of people and motorised vehicles, i.e. putting humans before cars (also an important safety factor), enhancing the feeling of a space which is actually also aimed at human beings. For this, the shop and bistro services are pulled out of the darkness of the building - people quite literally are taken into the light. By situating the shop/ bistro area next to the sidewalk, more passers-by as well as hotel guests are encouraged to use these services. Second-floor seating areas with views towards Alexanderplatz as well as a viewing terrace would add greatly to a welcoming and special atmosphere. Opening up the street corner with inviting design and good offers would attract people from the opposite offices and fitness centre too.
An integrated bike service and rental area would be a huge plus and should be located in a prominent position - hundreds of cyclists pass by this petrol station daily and there is a hotel right there as well. Ideally, Total would launch their own bike brand and rental service, as this would be a sign of committing to modern urban lifestyles - why not call this bike brand LÉGAIR?

The air & water service area for cars could be moved into the building.

What name are you giving your service station concept?

LÉGAIR & ÉGALI-T-AIR ...or one of either.

What makes your service station unique?

The logo-inspired design and the fact that people are put before cars.

Which services does your service station offer?

Petrol, car wash, air & water, shop, bistro, bike service and bike rental

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

The Total logo is light, elegant and dynamic. It is ideal for inspiring the architecture too.

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